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Why dont you try and stick a toaster into your bathtub and find out if it works under water?

This way you can find out how electricity works!

Unless you plan to strip down your entire gun, strip apart your gearbox, wipe it clean, replace the motor (Cause theres no way in hell ur gonna get into all the nooks and crannies of your motor to dry it off) and magnets are made of ferrite (which rusts like CRAZY). Doing this would be VERY stupid as many parts would rust.

If you submerge it (from hiding in a pond or whatever) The least you can do is tie a condom around the barrel grease up the interior of your receiver and between the cracks of body parts (grip, stock, ejection port cover) and put a waterproof bag or some kind of encasement for your battery, wiring and switch assembly.

This will help with the amount of water in the gun, but is still NOT recommended.
This is also why i refuse to work on water damaged guns.

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