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so how would i get the TM or CA to have the A3 upper that JG offers... i cant seem to find a TM or CA A3... do i have to find an attachment? RIS?

EDIT: oh i think Action makes the RAS attachment for the Marui AUG. does anyone know if that RAS can be attached to a CA as well? Action also seems to be making the entire A3...

slowly unwraveling all the confusing parts...

2nd EDIT: ok so i think i have it figured out...

JG makes an AUG A3 that shoots at 400+ fps out of the box but is inferior to TM and CA
TM dials in at around 270 fps but higher quality
CA offers the best exterior quality and good interior and dials in at around 300 fps
the Action RAS is made to convert the TM AUG into an A3 but it will work on an CA since TM and CA are made compatible with each other
in addition Action makes their own full AUG A3 but they are not a well known brand for their guns
the Phantom is just a massive silencer... it seems useless... at least for me...

so im thinking either get a TM or CA (probably the CA) and the RAS and upgrade the internals to get it to 400 fps..

thanks alot for the help guys... if anyone wants to post more information or pictures on the AUG i'd be happy to read/look... now i just need to get age verified and find a place to buy the gun :P

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