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Greetings new user,
Firstly, thank-you for doing some research prior to asking us questions.
Your A1, A2 and A3 variants are defined by their upper receiver, the lower is all the same(as far as I know). The A3 is available in airsoft form. Perhaps not as widely as the A1 or A2 but they do exist, the only stock, non-custom A3's I've seen are made from JG.
Phantom kit as far as I know is a glorified silencer with rails covering the outer barrel.
JG's usually come at the velocity your after stock. Ones like your TM or CA will need internal upgrades to get it to that speed. As long as you have enough rails to support the items you want to attach, you can put as many goodies as you want onto the gun.
Real steel AUG's and airsoft ones are pretty accurate with material made, the upper receiver is mostly metal and lower is composite.
I myself had a JG AUG A2 and quite enjoyed it. Best of luck.
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