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AUG help!!

hey there i just joined airsoftcanada, my friend had told me about airsoft i liked it but never got into it... im a little more serious about getting into it now and the AUGs have always been my favorite but i have some questions - despite going through the forums for hours - since i am new...

I like the AUG but the thicker front looks better imo so im going for an AUG A3 or phantom kit or RAS,
i'd also like a medium range scope,
i'd like it to be versatile so i could if i wanted make it a sniper or a CQB gun,
i'd like to keep the hand grip and add a flashlight on the side...

of course this is the project i have laid out for the future... it wont all happen at once but here are my questions...

what is an AUG A3? phantom kit? RAS? (or is it RIS? or are they different?) what are the differences in all these types? what are they for?
from my reading i think AUG A3 is the real gun that is not available in the airsoft world (or is it?). the phantom kit is some upgrade that beefs up the front but not exactly sure what it does. and the Action RAS i see at redwolfairsoft seems to be just a close replica of the A3.

is Action a brand of guns or is it just the upgrade? because it seems to me that TM and CA are the best brands and i'd like to stick to them.

i'd like the gun to be around 400 fps if it isnt the speed i want can it be adjusted? if so how? by replacing parts? batteries? (i dont know all the parts yet)

can all the attachments i stated above be attached to AUGs of all brands or do some attachments only work on some brands?

the real AUGs seem to be made of some metal and polymer. do all brands construct them the same way because i'd like it to be as close to the real thing as possible. at least do TM and CA make it as realistic as possible since im probably gona buy from 1 of those 2 brands...

i think thats about it for now... i know its a lot of questions but any help would be MUCH appreciated.

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