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Cobra MicroTALK radio

First of all, if this should be in a more tech related area, i appologize, but i think its a pretty nooby question, so its here to be safe.

I was cleaning out my closet, and i found a pair of radios that i recieved as a gift a few years ago

These radios.

I know nothing about airsoft radios, but will they be compatible with most mainstream radios? Also, Does anyone know what kind of headsets they would use? It says its a "UHF" radio, Is that the norm? i hear some people use GMS, are they cross-compatible?

It has 2 plugs on the top, 1 labled "Speaker" and the other labled "mic"

The speaker one is the same size as a headphone jack, and the mic plug is the size of a phone headset.

Would that mean its a 2-pin?

Again, sorry if this are stupidly noobish questions, but i know nothing at all about radios.

Thanks in advance,

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