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Question Kraken Aftermath AK-47 Should i Buy it?

My pal is selling his Kraken AK-47 From aftermath because he wants an MP5 with the same specifications,I'm not spending a whole lot of money on a new gun and I've used this gun more then once and there is nothing wrong with it it's less than a year old with a good battery but i don't like the winder mag and i want to buy a med cap mag that i don't have to wind, and I'm getting it for about $120 so i was thinking about buying a wood conversion kit (handle, stock, fore grip) from air splat and a new battery or 2 but i can't find a silencer or a med cap or even low magazines that ARE NOT WIND FED.I use "Koren Competition" 0.36 polished ammo that gives me 427 FPS
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