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First lets start with, where does metal come from? That'll help start your journey.

An electropositive chemical element. Physically, a metal atom in the ground state contains a partially filled band with an empty state close to an occupied state. Chemically, upon going into solution a metal atom releases an electron to become a positive ion. Consequently in biotic systems metal atoms function prominently in ionic transport and electron exchange. In bulk a metal has a high melting point and a correspondingly high boiling temperature; except for mercury, metals are solid at standard conditions. Direct observation shows a metal to be relatively dense, malleable, ductile, cohesive, highly conductive both electrically and thermally, and lustrous. When crystals of the elements are classified along a scale from plastic to brittle, metals fall toward the plastic end. Furthermore, molten metals mixed with each other over wide ranges of proportions form, upon slowly cooling, homogeneous close-packed crystals. In contrast, a metal mixed with a nonmetal completely combines into a homogeneous crystal only in one or a few discrete stoichiometric proportions.

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