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Originally Posted by tte404 View Post
The mini-tamiya connectors are fine IMO, deans just offer a larger connection area which supplies more efficient power to your rifle. If you're not comfortable with changing connector ends, don't.
Also +1. The tamiya are ok, i just recommend deans because they are only like $2 and are worth the ease of connectivity, space saving design(there is about an inch in length difference between 2 deans and 2 Large tamiya connectors plugged together, important especially if you have a full stock or crane stock) and extra conductive-ness. Soldering is fairly easy, but if you don't know how ask a parent for help because you can melt things and screw up your plugs.

EDIT Oops, i see you are using mini-tamiya. Still, the difference in length is still about the same, Mini's are just thinner.

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