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Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
360 is the bare minimum for .28 use. if it shoots 360 or higher, then use .28s
My C8 shoots 325 with .2 and is normally my CQB gun. But I fielded it outdoors today using .28 and the range and accuracy were sick. The down side were that the BBs travelled slower, but had no troubles keeping up, and in some cases, outranging longer and much more powerful AEGs.

And even though they only shoot 300-320 fps with .2, I always use .3g in my GBB pistols. The range and accuracy I get are just utterly stupid. Last game I had AEG problems twice, requiring me to use my Glock. I was getting 100-ish ft kills with it. No way I could have done that with lighter BBs outdoors.
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