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Originally Posted by RaisinBran View Post
If you're under age don't bother starting airsoft, Paintball instead...I'm only 16 and I own quite a few TM guns not saying it's not fun or anything just saying that Airsoft is sort of a bad thing for the law.
You got it wrong buddy.

If you are underage, check your local fields and local hosts, and upcoming local games hosted on ASC. Required you to sign up with a legal guardian, and depending on your age. If you really are interested in airsoft, save up your pennies till you hit 18. After saving up, you can buy yourself a decent gun after being age verified.

And dude... airsoft is not a bad thing for the law. It is not illegal, and it is not bad. Depends how you use airsoft guns, which can be a 'bad thing for the law'...

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