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Originally Posted by WANDERER671 View Post
Great, thanks now that may actually be the problem. hmm I guess Im gonna start studying the manual to figure the mechbox out. Ive got to learn that some time and it might as well be now, eh.
Well good luck my friend, one piece of advice about the V6 - when you have removed all the screws...stick a screwdriver down the back where the threaded hole is on the back of the spring guide and hold it firmly...i didn't do this the first time and ended up with a spring guide almost lodged in me nostril haha! if u got the driver in there to control the arcing of the spring it goes much more smoothly as your pulling the 2 sides of the box apart. like i said just a suggestion and u can use whatever u like as long as its the right size and works

also it's better to open it with the nozzle facing towards the right side with the motor at the bottom. alot of the little bits that like to escape are seated using the left half of the frame so that just stops them from going everywhere when u get the box open. Also don't lose or reorganise the shims on the gears...the rest is just common sense and good tech sense so have fun
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