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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
Not wanting to use propane in a GBB because it could explode is about as silly as not wanting to ride in a car because it could explode. Sure, if you drive your car off of a cliff, or try to set it on fire while driving: It could. But out of the thousands and thousands of people who own GBB's and are firing propane and green gas (as a brand), I have never heard of one exploding in flames.

But to answer your question; Not likely.

Sure, the weight of the slide has a factor in how weak a gas can push it, and how high the fps is: But what you should be looking at is the recoil spring and blowback unit. Not all guns are able to cycle HFC 134a, even with a plastic slide.

My advice? Man up and use propane.
agreed - if ur gun was designed for propane the 134a gas will just make it laugh at you most likely - stick with propane and it'll serve you well. propane will will only really ignite if u spark or get an open flame in the way...i.e. holding a lighter lit next to ur gun. Common sense really and i've also never heard of 1 incident where a GBB exploded - besides if u checkout 134a i think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find it's also rather flammable so theres not much less of a risk usin it
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