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it could be that the piece inside the mechbox has snapped - I've only ever seen that happen once and that was on a V2 when the nozzle hadn't ever been lubed but never on a stock box :S

i'd be more inclined to think that the nozzle on the front has been jumped off of the arm that connects in. easy way to check is just to pull the mechbox out the gun and push and pull on the nozzle...if it slides freely then the guide arm has become disengaged from the nozzle. it should resist being pulled away from the mechbox and not budge (nb: Don't force this!) but if pushed should be movable but spring back forward when released. Also if u look down under the cyllinder head there should be an arm attached to the nozzle coming out from below the piston (this is only visible if u open the mechbox I'm afraid :S). if the arm is not attached to the base of the piston then thats the problem for sure...if the arm is attached and the nozzle freely slides back and forth u've snapped the arm inside the gearbox I'd wager (will also be very obvious if you open the gearbox). one of the few plastic moving pieces inside the V6 mechbox and easilly replacable. if it looks good though but just isn't attached u need to open the mechbox and re-engage the groove in the base of the airflow nozzle with the little catching shelf on the arm. when you actually see it it makes these instructions alot easier to follow lol but If you have never taken a mechbox apart I'd really reccomend taking it to an established gunsmith or somebody who at least is familliar with em. I'd be happy to take a look myself for ya if ur anywhere near calgary :S

either way the happy news is that it should be an easy enough and cheap fix if anything has broken - if its just been knocked off the lever/arm then its no new parts needed. if it has been knocked off though i'd suggest lubing the nozzle a bit so it slides smoothly on the airflow tube on the piston. can't hurt to be cautious ;D

ALSO: never use the P90 hicaps - aint worth the money - just use the 68 rnd lowcaps u get and they will never fail you. Either that or use an M4 Mag adaptor if ur really set on having alot of ammo but the P90 hicaps are a total waste IMHO
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