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Question Green Gas and HFC 134a

To whoever reads this,

I was looknig to buy a KJW Hi Capa (propane version), but I dont want to buy propane (could explode; did happen TWICE at a barbeque party I went to). Could HFC 134a be an alternative?
I know that HFC 134a canisters made for airsoft have a different "head" than propane ones, but if i got a propane adaptor on a computer duster can, could that work? If yes, are there any differences between propane and HFC 134a magazine built that could cause HFC 134a to potentially ruin the propane mag?
Also, if this did work, i know that the feet per range capability would change but, will the weight of the Hi Capa (more of the slide is what i am meaning) cause the HFC 134a gas to not be able the pull the slide back and not create "blowback"? If this did happen, I know that the Hi Capa is around 1070g and if I used a lighter one (perhaps the glocks (around 500g) or a berreta ( around 800g)), could that work?
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