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Originally Posted by surebet View Post
The MSRP on the site is 396$, add tax, realise that you are getting ripped off.
If the gun is over 350fps and I can't use it cqb then I think I'd pay the $400 that they ask, as far as mark up I hope the dealers are nice to me. Now if you think that getting a replica CANsoft is a rip off please consider the legal orders here in Canada. The local authoraties in my area have close relations to airsofters and though they readily accept pre-ban purchased units. They have had no tollerance for illegally imported or even painted weapons that were CANsoft.

surebet just be civil and let us discuss the item. Your opinion has been heard three or four times. Take a seat and let it be. I want a clear G36 and you don't. END
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