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Acceptable NiCad Chargers

I've read a lot about taking good care of your batteries, and though the price tag of $150 - $200 is somewhat bewildering for me, I'm entirely willing to give it an honest go and get a good charger. I've done what research I can and so far I've figured out it'd be best to grab a "peak" charger that has a built-in discharger. But, in the end, I'd like something that is generally idiot proof and can take care of the two NiCad batteries (2300 mAh and 2400 mAh) I now have without frying them. I have no clue what the memory effect is, but I'm under the impression I'll need something that can deep cycle the batteries every 10 - 15 charges to avoid it.

Feel free to correct me if anything above is totally incorrect.

Regardless, I'm looking for suggestions on what a decent charger would be. I popped on to but everything they had looked far too complicated for my needs or lacked essential features listed above. RedWolf Airsoft was promising, but most of the idiot-proof chargers seem to be out of stock. The only promising lead I saw was this little piece of work, but I'm so incompetent with electrical stuff that I can't even tell if this is an AC charger, let alone if it's worth my money.

If anyone can suggest a more suitable choice I'd greatly appreciate it. I just can't understand half of the features listed on these things.
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