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Originally Posted by Brockavich View Post
Okay seriously... You're all going to hate me for asking this and I'm pretty sure this should have gone in Noob talk or w/e but...

I feel really... vulnerable in that I have my own gun yet I know nothing about how the things work. I'm still newb to airsoft, Computers are my thing, not this stuff... But I need to learn, so I'm not pestering you guys with every little question that comes along (wait a second >_>)

So I have some general knowledge inquiries for anyone who is SMRT

1. Gearboxes: How do they work, what exactly are they, how do they propel the BBs etc
2. Hopup units: same questions except for the last
3. Technical terms/jargon: I can't really name any but what are some technical terms I might need to know to get by in this crazy airsoft world?

Now you don't have to be an Encylopedia... I'm just looking for some basics spoken in plain English. After which I will scour Google for anything else I'm still curious about. So yeah, keep it short and sweet for your own sanity

Come to the Open House and talk with one of the techs.

Manitoba has a plethora of awesome gun techs.

I'm actually working on putting together a cut-down mechbox to demonstrate how everything works... It's alot harder than I thought lol
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