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Hurricane is your best bet in terms of visibility in bright light, durability (it's well built), and value for the buck. Click on the auto brightness, and it will constantly adjust itself to optimal brightness for lighting conditions and you'll not really notice any ghosting other than in low light situations.

The Bushnell is really nice, but also hard to see in bright, outdoors conditions. Now, my Bushnell version is from 2001 and from their first runs of the product. It's rather dim in bright light conditions. It's bright than the Huang 552, but not significantly. Subsequent newer versions may be brigther, but I haven't seen it myself. However, construction is a lot more solid than any replica, as it's the real rebranded EOTech 502.

Now, if you can find a real EOTech and are willing to pay the $500-600 price tag, then that just can't be beat.

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Bushnell's HOLOsight is made by EOTech for the civilian market so it's as close to the real deal as you can get. It still costs a lot but still a couple hundred less than EOTechs.
Actually, back in the day, EOTech were the engineering company, and Bushnell made ALL their sights.
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