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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
? If you were talking about the upgrade part, basically I am looking for around 350fps, which cannot be gotten from a MS100SP, because even with perfect airseals (test subject on ASC spring chart), which I don't have, it could only do 340ish. If you are talking about any other part, you would have to elaborate, because those would be information obtained elsewhere.
That chart is no way indicative of what FPS you will get on your own setup. It is +/- over 30 FPS depending on your setup regardless of airseal. It's a combination of piston, cylinder, cylinder porting, type of piston head, type of cylinder head, type of nozzle, type of hop-up, type of barrel, length of barrel, the existence of bearings in either or both the piston head assembly and the spring guide etc.

I have used the same springs Illusion has on his chart and have gotten way different FPS than he does. That guide is only useful as a tool to judge the relative comparisions between springs only to give you a general idea.

I don't have anything to offer regarding the gearsets. I know from personal experience that my stock CA motor cannot pull an M120 spring with a 9.6v mini unless I put in my helical gears.

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