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High speed gears

I am wondering how well 16.32 ratio gears will hold up to different springs. According to common sense, the bigger the energy output of the spring, the more it pushes against the piston, which exerts more force on the gears, wearing them out quicker. I would assume this is more prominant on low ratio gears. Most people say they are for <1J, but a post that Illusion made in the past states that they are best used with prometheus MS100 and MS110s, which both shoot >1J (according to spring chart), and I messaged modifytw, and this is the reply.

It can be used reliably with M120.
Suggested Spring Rangers for Modify Modular Gear Set-SMOOTH (The data sheet is based on using the standard motor and 8.4V battery)
For SMOOTH (Speed 16.32:1)
The performance is Good when you choose S100+ , S110+ or S120+
The performance is OK when you choose S90+ , S130+ or S140+
For SMOOTH (Torque 21.6:1)
The performance is Good when you choose S110+, S120+ or 130+
The performance is OK when you choose S100+ or S140+

Does anyone (preferably some gundoc whiz) actually know the correct answer out of this mess? Currently I am running the modular SMOOTH highspeed set in my M16 from airsoftparts with a MS100SP, and I am thinking of upgrading it to a M110 or MS110SP. Yeah I know, I should have bought high torque, but they had been out of stock for like 2 months, and immediately after I buy mine, they come back into stock XD. It's a G&P mechbox with mostly modify parts and a G&P piston/cylinder assembly. I'm also using a stock CA motor, which could pull a M120 with a 9.6v and standard ratio gears

PS: anyone know a company that makes the S+ springs? The only ones I could find were SP ones.

Also also, what exactly is the formula used to calculate Joules for BBs? That internet converter thing that everyone seems to use says it's 330fps, but if the E(J)=.5m(kg)v(m/s)^2 formula is to be used, then 370fps is 1J.
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