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Originally Posted by ss_man View Post
whats the price on the Tanaka K98k? Where did you buy yours from?
i may get a dboys K98k
I was going to buy the AGM MP-40 from 007airsoft then they went to "non-civilian" which really was a pain, his were $400 but i researched them and US was $125 little differance in price, with the laws in place we get hosed sometimes
General rule of thumb just to let you know about prices (these are usually minimum)
Non-Chinese guns: ORIGINAL price in USD X2.00 = roughly (+/-5%) prices in CDN
Chinese guns: Original price in USD X2.00-4.00 Cant say much, some guns from 100 goes 300, others I've seen 95 to 450.

Tanaka you're looking at about $1300 atleast
Dboys $350 BARE minimum I made a review on the Dboys 98k, if you want more info pm me
All I can say is:
**Game Skirmish -> Tanaka ONLY
**Plinking in Basement ->Tanaka or Dboys (I would becareful about propane in basement since propane is heavier then normal air and it would stay in basement for a while)
**Being like chinese cheap (sorry gotta say that, and FYI I used be Chinese immigrant, now citizen) ->Dboys
**Renenactors -> Dboys or Marushin (although marushin cost more)

Just a note: Tanaka has tightbore and G-Version upgrade whereas Dboys does not really have any. As for the Mauser 98k compatability, Dboys has higher chance of being compatiable parts. (rumour said that the Tanaka reciever is wider due to the gas design)
Hope that helps
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