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Originally Posted by ss_man View Post
whats the price on the Tanaka K98k? Where did you buy yours from?
i may get a dboys K98k
I was going to buy the AGM MP-40 from 007airsoft then they went to "non-civilian" which really was a pain, his were $400 but i researched them and US was $125 little differance in price, with the laws in place we get hosed sometimes
i cant tell you where i bought mine from until you get AVd. once you do, ill point you to the guy who got me mine. i do all my business solely through him now (you know who you are ).
dont get Dboys, they suck: they are underpowered, poor performing, have shells and are not very realistic.
ya, canadian prices suck. get used to it, and dont try to get around or start threads about lisences for airsoft or petitioning/lobbying the government. its been done and you will get flamed for doing so. just to give you the heads up
get the tanaka. its the best. i got mine for $910 shipped with paypal fees and shit included
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