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Tanaka doesn't make the G-version anymore. I think even the velocity adjuster models are no longer made. 95% of the buyers bought the regular guns with no velocity adjusters. you might be able to find it as an aftermarket drop in at some point. i have the standard length Kar98k. for upgrades, i bought, but have not installed a tightbore, scope mount and upgraded hop-up unit. i know people who have ran the gun stock for 2 years and they say they have yet to encounter problems. i plan on playing my first game with mine this summer. i plan on running it stock for a season before upgrading it. as for MP40, just get an AGM. there are a number of upgrades you can put into it. i know a guy on the forums was selling a metal drop-in replacement for the fire selector. if you have any more questions, just post them up
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