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Allk metal... in Canada?

been looking around and a lot of folks here are shooting all metals... like in Taiwan or Hong Kong as well as links to manufacturers like UnCompany etc.... I have checked it all and all over again... it's great to know where they make these great guns that we hold in our hands and feel kool.. but!!! how can they get into our possession.. I hate the stuff we are getting here... loose slides, rattling of slide on rails etc.... paying so much as we do here in Canada, we should be shooting real lead.................... like great looking and great feel Beretta and HICApa(which, I guess, is THE ONLY metal slide on metal raols gun available in Canada.... UHHHHHH

Just curious.. In my posession :Beretta XP4Storm(great gun, shoots like crazy.. great kick-back, KP Hi Kapa 05... getting to know the gun now,, but still.. the slide rattles as soon the mag is out... finally understood the cooling effect on the mag.. Anyway, it's not ALL METAL.....
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