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but if some fat guy gives me bad advice i would end up correcting him. I think you guys in calgary should all aproach him and discuss field costs let say a membership and get him down to 15$-10$ a game. You can also discuss prices on AEG's and also set up a deal where (members) get good prices. I say you guys are lucky for having an indoor cqb where you live

but, once a fat man gets spoon feed $ all hes going to say is "more!"
Been done before, he has no interest in it whatsoever.

As a long time Admin for the Calgary clubs I do agree that Lasertrek/Larrys advice has always been lackluster/incorrect. However he does provide the only indoor facility in Calgary that we can play at.
For the most part we are running self sufficiently without him. When we run the nights we run the nights. We arrive, pay him and do our own thing.

While his buisness practices sometimes are a little odd, don't anyone kid themselves if they owned there own facility, your in it to make a buck. We've tried to talk to him about it before but it's fallen on deaf ears.

And yes Boot, the second facility is also owned by the same group Larry @ Harry of CTF (Last I heard) Before Lasertrek (Pre 2001) we used to play indoor airsoft on the dirt paintball field.
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