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Really not that hard...

16AWG wire is fine. Larger is better...but if it's too big (and depending on how they run the wire down the middle cells) it won't fit your stock tube. See their warning about them not being responsible for it not fitting? Best to measure the inside diameter of your tube and ask them. Some packs are made with a flat metal strip running along the pack instead of round, insulated wire.

Small connectors are not good enough. Large connectors at a minimum. DEANs are better. Nice part about deans is that if you goof and yank your stock off...hopefully the deans will separate and you won't rip your wires off...whereas a small/large connector is locked in.

Don't know what they mean by upgrade.

You could just take it to Jeroon and test fit it...or ask Jugglez to simply order in the one you need...
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