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Originally Posted by pmiketango View Post
Hey sounds like a complete "Cocksucker"
He is. Period.

Originally Posted by Capt. T/O View Post
As for the boycott movement... a boycott might be more effective if the local community (ie JOC) is involved. Its pretty useless if someone in Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, etc boycotts a facility in Calgary.
Obviously i meant Calgary Players.

Originally Posted by HerrMann View Post
If you don't like his prices, don't shop there?
I dont. Im talking about new airsofters getting ripped off. If the price wouldnt dissuade them from the sport, his attitude most certainly would.

EDIT: The second facility that i mentioned earlier is owned by the same people (I just found out). That facility is for paintball whereas Larry's facility is for Laser Tag and Airsoft. So maybe we could go to the other facility and ask who owns that business and see if we can file a complaint with the owner. I would HATE to find out that the owner is Larry.

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