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The CR123 batts are 3.0v and I dont have a volt meter to test them. Im useing them in a Solarforce L2 Flashlight with a Cree LED Emitter and I have an Extension Tube witch I can run three CR123 batts in the light but im not useing at the moment.

I picked it up used like new as a Package deal.

Solarforce BLK L2 300 Lumens R2 CREE T.Head Flashlight + CLICK Swith on/off
Solarforce 25mm Flashlight Laser Mount
Solarforce Remote SwitchPad for Surefire,G&P Flashlight
Solarforce Extension Tube
Solarforce extra Cree LED Emitter
x4 CR123A CR123 17335 3.0V 1000mah Li-ion Rechargeable Batterys & x2 RCR-123 SOshine 3.0v 650mah li-ion Rechargeable batterys
DSD intelligent Lithium Battery charger for 18650 or CR123A

All for a grand total of 55$ bucks to my door. I read some reviews and heard good things about the light. But its the CR123A batts I like to know more about like maybe a good brand name and any thing I should watch out for useing them. Whats protected re-chargeables????

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