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Originally Posted by gatot_kaca_GG View Post
Hi. I'm Adrian. I'm an international student and would like to jump start my airsoft gunning hobby here in Vancouver.

These are a few questions that i have.
1. Is there any events coming up here in Vancouver, I would like to get myself age verified so that i could buy some airsoft here?
2. What to look in an airsoft gun when i buy one?
3. Can i take BB gun from outside of Canada?

1. Check the "Games and Events Schedule" under the BC section.
2. In airsoft, its all about whats comfortable to you. If you like to rush with an mp5, go for it. If you like to sit back with an L96, cool too. The ranges are very minimal with every barrel, so it's all about your playing style. Most people will recommend an m4.
3. Get AV'd and buy inside Canada. There is no-way that your going to get a gun through customs unless you break down the gun, in that case, your paying through the roof for shipping costs, not to mention the parts may get siezed. Getting AV'd will open your world to all the goodies.

Welcome to airsoft.
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