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i started playing there when it was $10 a night
a few weks later, he raised it to $15 a night
as of last year he raised it to $20 a night
and thats the price now.. $20 a night

so over a three period, he raised his prices from $10 to $20
it was also last year (after the increase to $20, that several people made structural improvements to the place)

lets put this into perspective....
how much does it cost to go watch a movie at a theatre now-a-days?
and a movie lasts.. what two hours?

as im out west, i have no idea what the field fee is for other indoor facilities... anyone care to enlighten me on those? it might provide a little more perspective on this matter.

for now, although i agree it can get expensive... its not that bad, considering....

and like it was said before.. if you dont like it, then dont go.
i dont like, so i dont go... its that simple really

as for guaranteed revenue one night a week.... yup... guarantee of about 20 players (back then... now its more like 10), at $20 a head... only works out to be $400 a night.
now if he made $400 a night.. different story.. but $400 for one night a week....thats about $1600 a month from airsoft alone.... sorry, but i dont think thats a whole lot of revenue.

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