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Hey guys,

Just been lurking around here, trying to read up upon the HK 416 full metal.
But now I'm stuck in this gearbox and have to post (sry total mechbox noob).
I've been playing around five full days when my new JG 416 full metal (MOSFET-version)
totally broke down on me. It just made a screaching/scraping sound in the box
and did not fire any bullets.

So went home uponed up the box, believing piston or tapet plate broke.
Everything was fine in the box. Wtf. To the best of my knowledge (eh...)
everything looks just fine. No broken teeth anywhere on piston or gears.
Don't get it. So it was laying around a few days before I could get back
to it, and now ofcourse, and have no idea where those shims are supposed
to be. Figured I'll just try to put it all back together, clean it, grease it
and hope it'll work.

So I've put one shim under the Spur gear, one under the Sector
gear, and one on top of it, and now I have the motor/bevel gear
left so I've put the new kind of bearing on top of it with the last
shim on top of that. Am I totally off here or heading in the right direction?
I'm gonna try to put the thing together again, but for the life of
me I can't figure out what's wrong with it when everything looks fine.

Appreciate any input, thanks/Dan.

Edit: I use a 11.1 V LiPo in it.
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