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Originally Posted by Capt. T/O View Post

Although I myself only frequent LT once a year, I cant really blame larry.
Like someone mentioned earlier, he is just running a business... and is in it for the money (what little it brings in). Remeber his main focus is laser tag, and not airsoft.
You should actually thank the guy for even letting us use the facility. If it wasn't for LT, there wouldn't be an indoor facility to play in at all.
Sure his prices may be high and he may overcharge for some of his goods.. but then again, he is in a business to make money.
When I started playing that was not a bad place to go. Remember, he was getting guaranteed revenue every wednesday night for the entire winter season. A couple of years later, he raised prices by $5 or $10 per night and people stopped going. Three years running and the play field still looked exactly the same with no improvements. A number of people pitched in to do some work on the arena for free, and he raised prices again. It's not surprising to see the drop in airsoft attendance.

When a business fucks with you like he has, you tend to stop supporting them.

(My timeline might be a little out of sorts. been a while since I've thought about that rotten place)
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