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Speaking from a new person to this sports point of view.

If I would have walked into a place like that, seen a Fat guy behind the counter *honestly... there is really no reason to be that big, put down the fork, go out side... don't feed me a line about theoyroids. YOUR FAT AND LAZY! end of story.*

neways if I woulda seen that cow behind the counter, and the pricing of the guns... and the snobby *this sport is dieing* attitude towards it... I would have never even bothered getting into it.

I was even cringing when I was looking at a clear G&G for 450ish+tax with battery.

Thank god I stumbled on AK and than found ASC... this website alone has saved me HUNDREDS of $ *even though I could have hundreds more if I didn't play... but lets not think about that*. Also this site has given me some very valuable info.

I can personaly imagine what is going through alot of the newbies heads when they hear *800 for a gun? what its dieing?... well ... maybe paintball will be around longer.... lets go play that instead.

In closing, you should get some ASC cards or something printed up. Next time you go there talk to people that look like they would be responsible valuable members to the community and hand out the cards. Or just get some dog poop, put it in a bag... light it on fire, ring the door bell... and chuck it right in his face.

sorry of my ramblings make no sence, Nightshift +ASC + not sleeping yet= posts that are ... rambly
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