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Soound like you got a good deal from him then...
Cuz i got the G&G gr16 (m4a1) Carbine version from other retailer and it does not come with a battery and a charger.

From what i read from this forum G&G has many versions of AEG, carbine and plastica.

If the top reciever is metal, then is a Carbine version and it should not comes with a charger and a battery (like i said maybe the retailer gave you a good deal ). With Plastica/ Combat machine version has a composite nylon fiber top reciever, and should come with a charger, a battery and a safety glasses.

By calling smokey and uber clear version, that confuses the costumers. (unless i missed the updated news about new G&G versions)

I got the GR16 Carbine (metal top reciever, tinted clear lower reciever) from the frst day it came in Canada, January 2009.

Like I said very top, the retailer guy could give you a good deal or maybe now the newer G&G Carbine version comes with the batter and a charger only (no safety glasses).

I support Capital Airsoft!

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