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Originally Posted by LouisZimmerman View Post
RE Larry's prices: yes, they're high. He was charging $30 a can for green gas: I later found it in a local hobby store for $13 for the same size.
Would you mind telling where this shop is located? I prefer green gas to propane and I thought LT was the only place in town I could find it, it would be great to get two cans for what I was originally paying for one.


On another note I've been playing at Trek since the fall of 2005 and I used to pay $10/night for a great environment to play indoor CQB style airsoft. He used to carry guns back then but prices weren't nearly as bad as they are now.

Back then he seemed more keen to welcome new players and he was very accomodating. But, over time he raised prices. First $15/night then litterally 3 months later $20/night. I think he's realized that he provides the only venue for Calgary and area airsofters to play indoors. And now he's exploiting that position. I wouldn't mind if the price bumps reflected some kind of enhancements to the field but there are little that are of any benefit to us.

Plain and simple he's sucking the new and misinformed players dry. And its not the first time I've heard of him sharing misinformation and lies. Its too bad that its been run down to how it is, if I honestly had the capital to start up a new indoor field and run it for airsofters, I would.
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