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RE Larry's prices: yes, they're high. He was charging $30 a can for green gas: I later found it in a local hobby store for $13 for the same size. OTOH, his prices seem around average for what things were selling for when I first joined this community. It sounds like he has not kept up with the shift in price point.
A note on the Uzi: I'ts a collector's piece only, in my opinion. A GBB shell-ejecting full size Uzi, it's beautiful to hold and shoot but completely un-skirmishable due to the shell ejecting bit. It may (or may not) be worth what is being asked for it.
As to the other business practices, I cannot speak to them one way or the other. I will agree that the place is so dark that I find it very frustrating to play there, but then my night vision really sucks. Some people seem to enjoy it a lot, others seem to share my frustration.
Just my opinions: YMMV
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