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Originally Posted by S.H.I.E.L.D. View Post
That made me think of another one lol;

- Getting berated up and down to make sure our weapons are plugged, safe, no mags etc and to not test fire in the safe area, yet all around you, you hear paintballers dry firing their weapons and pissing about!
Originally Posted by KND View Post
Do you remember their is a guy who test his paint ball gun in front of us like bang bang bang all the time at the rest area ? hmm ! at that time, I just gonna turn to Full Auto and spray.

YES YES YES GOD THAT PISSES ME OFF, like we are walking finger off the trigger, always check chambers for remaining bb's etc etc they just go bang bang bang... and it seems to be a norm in the paintball world to ALWAYS keep the finger on the trigger . bref thats why i most of the time keep my goggles on in the safe zone...

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