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- Goddamn blind firing!

- Not calling hits

- Arm chair commandos who bitch about military unit patches on uniforms

- General bad sportsmanship(I.E. not slapping an opponent on the shoulder and telling them "good game dude." or "damn man that was some awesome shooting out there.") compliments and being a good player isn't hard for godsakes. And it won't kill you to actually say hello to someone even if you don't know them.

- Keyboard warriors, who are the bravest mother fuckers on the planet while they hide behind their computers and attack everyone else for anything they say do or otherwise. You got something to say, say it to my face like an adult.

- People who don't come prepared for a game (Mags not loaded, batteries not charged yadda yadda), it holds up the game and pisses everyone else off who've been waiting to get playing.

- Paintballers....I have no problem with them otherwise, but when you have to share a field with them it's a pain in the colon, and most are developmentally challenged.

- My guns crapping out half way through a game, which often provokes me in to buying more guns...just incase.

- Usually having to work on the weekend a FR game falls on.
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