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That would be Larry. Ill just say some of the nicer things that guy has done for and to the group I play with. Myself and about 15 other guys used to go there every thursday for airsoft back when we all got into it and it was great, $20 a night was awsome for a bunch of us. Now we get $20 an hour, plus bogus charges he tried to hit us up with every time we show up.

Buddy of mine did his birthday there and Larry had the balls to try and charge us $400 on top of the $20/hr. When asked about it all he said was "It was an event.", but seriously he should be doing that for a group comming in. More then once he has "lost" emails about pre booking days though we have the emails printed. He wont even help us out, he just says pay more or leave. Hell the other week he tried to charge me $50 for a can of green gas, I then took a breath and just walked away from him then my buddy goes to get one and was only was charged $30. I really have little respect for that man, and I use that term loosly because any one who repeatedly lies, cheats and practices fraudulent business arrangments is not a man in any sence of the word so far as I see it.

So like I said this is just some of the nicer things he has done for our group. Im just glad I ran into Gish at a swap meet back then and learned of ASC.
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