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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
/back on topic

Black BBs are an option and the main desirable property for most people is also the property that sometime people don't realize can be a disadvantage - tracking your shots.

Black BBs are real stealthy. But if you mix them with white you can use the white as an occasional tracer round. My suggestion is to get a bag of black, try a full mag of black and see what happens. They try mixing in different ratios until you get a tracer mix you're happy with.

Just like muzzle flash in the real world, being able to locate your enemy by the projectile signature can be a tactical disadvantage. Black BBs are an OPTION that can help address that, but they are no better or worse than white for all other practical purposes.
just don't forget you loaded up with straight black or black/white mix. I did that for the first time last year at BW2 and thought I had feed issues all day long. lol
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