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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Normal BB's do break down, just at a slower rate than normal. I've yet to see a BioBB that I've been willing to put through my guns.
Originally Posted by ZeroAlphaOne View Post
I don't wish to be rude and offend anyone, But I disagree with the above comment,
You're both right.

I've seen non-BioBBs at Wolfpack field from 2004 (spilled outside the cabin) and while they are still there 5 seasons later, they are pitted and some have split (probably stepped on), and they are breaking down - albeit very very slowly. The ABS (styrene) based BBs will break down faster than the very old PVC based BBs (which I don't think anyone makes anymore).

Does styrene break down? Yes, once its outside of its ABS chemical shell, ( Dr. Martin Alexander/Cornell University). But there is another point people miss. Its bioneutral. Its not a toxic and at the rate it releases its byproducts, even if those byproducts were toxic, its over such a long period of time, there is no significant concentration to any particular compound to be of worry. BioBBs on the otherhand, breakdown so fast, the possibility of concentrations of secondary compounds is much more real (but biobbs are generally made from bioneutral products as well so its not a concern). So, my point is don't be too quick to judge, there are more sides to that argument than you think.

Oh yeah, and guess what the pipe that delivers your drinking water to your house is in a lot of cases? Same shit that most non-biobbs are made of.
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