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On another note when it comes to helping peeps or training them they have to be willing to listen or hear what your trying to tell them.

Unforturely I can only handle training one peep at a time and im by far an expert on this kinda stuff. I just use my common sence on the most part.

Take K-town for example, I started with helping him with his gun and how it worked and how to upgrade it and incourged him to pass on this knowledge to others. Now im working with him on tactics and movements and I hope he will pass his experience off to others.

For the most part if a peep is willing to Learn and become a part of the club and Commuity so im not wasting my time I have no problem helping then out.

So im trying to say if more peeps would be more upfront and willing to give out this secret INFO so they can pass it on to others we would have a stronger base of players for the kelowna club.

Unforuterly for some players this is not just a hobby it a business as well so this INFO holds value in as making cash for there business venchers and I get the feeling that im steping on some peeps toes by giving out my INFO/Sevices for free.
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