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Well I like to get into this as i been playing in kelowna for the past three years or so now.

I seen and herd it all and its not as simple as black and white.

Fisrt and most important to me is eye protection. I feel a sealed Goggle is a must but alot of peeps use safety Glasses witch I feel are unsafe to use since I hit someone in the side of his eye dering a game forchantly he was not injerd permanently. But when a club can not even discus and agree on what safe proper eye protection is how could we get anything eles done to move forward to make a safe and fun environment for all to play in.

When it comes to not haveing the gear I know how they feel. When I first started I felt a little out of place and was ridiculed for my cheap e-hobby set up. I simply did not have the cash to drop on a new kit so it took some time and I still have not gotten the ideal kit that suits me, so its just a matter of time and trying new gears untill I find a kit that works for me.

Sometimes I feel it comes down to the haves and have nots.

But for me if a peep shows up to a game I try to be as helpfull as I can offering advice and info to the best of my knowledge of the workings of the guns and where to pick up gears & Accessories.

Then when it comes to the sandbox politics of airsoft in kelowna I have very little to offer as Im keeped out of the loop since Ill play with anyone that shows up to a game and not worry so much about zombie players or how equipped thay are.

I like to think im very forgiving when it comes down to it but theres somethings that upset me like players threatening other players with violence.

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