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The other thing to remember is like you said- not everyone is cut out for airsoft.

We have had that sort out here too- one of our local players (who is an excellent example of an airsofter) had a bunch of work buddies come out and it became obvious they were drunk when one of them pee'd into a trench where the field owner was. They were loud and rude and we were not keen to ever see any of them ever again. Needless to say we dont allow drunks to play, and if you are found to be drunk you get booted, but we also have had to become a lot more strict with safety and honour issues too.

Some of it is because we have started running highly structured teen games and we dont put up with any guff from people under 18 if they want to earn the right to play on the field, but mostly it is because we want a more professional attitude from ALL the players. (btw we have found that the underage players are very respectful and play safe because they know they are there on strict terms, on the other hand some of the 'adults' are so problematic that we have had to ban one and a few others are on a short leash lol)

Most of the people seem to appreciate the increased standards actually and we have witnessed more turn around with new players coming back and following the lead of more experienced players.
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