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No surprise, Larry is morbidly fat.. he isn't an airsofter and he is a roach looking to grease every dollar he can find. He generally sells to underagers as he wants to continue to have a place that under agers can play. Most of the experienced player base in Calgary doesn't frequent Laser Trek (LT) in the season. Some will play during the winter to keep sharp. But LT pretty much is the place that kids go to play, kids see the guns there and pay those prices because they have no other place to find guns. I have sold 2 guns on the walls of LT as I know Larry will score me a good price for the gun. And yes if you had more time into the game you would know that one time many people paid these prices for these guns.
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I swear, I didn't find out about it till I got home from bangin' little miss rotten-crotch!
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