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You shouldnt fret over it Ktown- like I say guys like you and Danke have really turned the mentality of AK around in a very short time. When we do get guys from the different groups showing up at our games at the same time we find they get along with each other great so I suspect that there is hope for a somewhat reunited AK scene (like I said its one or two bad apples that seem to drive the numbers down).

Dart- airsoft is one of the toughest sports to get into because for the longest time there was a bit of an elitist attitude that ran most new players out of the sport. Hell even ASC acknowledged this when they made the Newbie zone as they were tired of some 'pro-airsofters' shitting on every newb. Like Ktown says stick with it and dont let the haters ruin your game and you will find that in a short amount of time you are in tight with some good crew and some even better games.

(I know you are from SA Dan but still you do a great job of supporting airsoft all along the valley)
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