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Originally Posted by Dart View Post
Nope just started this year, wasn't us.

Ah yes so I understand the difference now. Yah some of the milsimmers I am sure would fart a blue duck when they see me... I can't descide on a camo so I got Martpat, Cadpat, Flecktar, a green smeagh, Dickie work boots, 30 round AK mags, and a Beretta m9...
I would like to get into milsim but I mean... If other hardcore players make you feel eight inches tall as you put it... where is the fun in that.Don't think there are very many like that in AK. But I hve not met many yet.

Mind you I would do well in a desert combat type milsim
Who cares!! Fuck em, and light em up when you play! Once again you are worried about what people think. You've gotten a kit put together pretty quick dart, and thats sweet, it shows you are interested. Dont worry what other people think and just go play, experience it, enjoy it! There wasnt this much drama till you started playing mind games with yourself.

If you do a search on here for threads about AK, you will see this has been going on for a while.

Like Millerbro said, bullshit has been going on for while. I came onto the scene last year at the tail end of it and tried reuniting the groups and there was no budge. Therefore a couple splinter cell groups have arised and the new guys have to suffer with small numbers. I feel "why cant everyone play together" kind of attitude, but its so fucked up that the other groups dont want to come out and play or share where they aree playing. It's really sad.

Now with me being in and out of town, and not playing an active role in the Kelowna Gamedays, you can see that nothing is going on. I've definelty been trying to amp up the scene in Kelowna but its a battle. Its gonna take the communitys help to get things going again and make Kelowna a hub for airsoft.

Anyways, I definelty dont lose sleep over this, but hope the scene gets better.
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