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Agreed Silverthorn- and clubs like the SCA have had to form rules to get people to show up in gear that doesnt ruin the mood for others.

Showing up in hunters orange for a game where you are supposed to hide just isnt cool In the least wearing all green or all black pants and shirts is pretty much the lowest acceptable expectation (though when people show up for their first game ever its ok to cut them some slack).

That said I know our local club is fairly accepting of a wider variety of gear- clear and CANSoft guns are totally accepted for example (its just that most of us prefer the real steel look). Some guys do a Mad Max sort of Anarchy look and it works great as a 'Red Team' merc look. As far as we are concerned each player should be concerned with their own gear and not worry so much about what the other guys wear or runs with.

This sort of mentality is pretty alien for most airsoft fields from what we hear?
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