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Speaking from a Penticon point of view: we have noticed that there are 3 distinct groups running out of Kelowna and they dont enjoy playing with each others group. We were baffled as to why a group of roughly 30 airsofters dont all get together to play.

There are various reasons given when we ask why but what it comes down to is that one or two 'key' people in one or two of the groups drive other players away with their poor attitude and lack of honourable play. Some of it is simply the attitude (which is poor at best) and for others it is not taking hits and complaining about everything (which means when those folks show at our field we tend to have staff follow them around to be sure they take their hits). I wont name names but I have met a few of those folks and have to agree that with them around you wont find too many new people enjoying the AK scene.

So if it isnt about milsim/filmsim its about dickish attitude vs friendly attitude

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