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I could care less about getting a tag in my sig/under my username/etc...I can barely keep up with the repairs each week that I already get. Aside from a note in my sig line...I can't recall that I've ever sought out repair work, most if not all of it comes from referrals or from someone who's read one of your posts (see last point below).

However, to offer what is hopefully something helpfull...

1. Forum Specific
If there were to be another section, I would most like to see a forum where anyone could post an issue and only have "competent" persons reply. Note: even "compentent" people make bone-head shorting out a fully charged 9.6v PTW battery...which will catch fire least it was my own...

Perhaps a forum section with "gun docs" as moderators, who can pull together the most valuable questions and valid answers to help others "sift through the junk (aka...Sunil's posts...haha just kidding)".

2. Gun Doc Services vs. Helping Someone Out
I personally believe that when you accept money for repairs, builds, tune ups,'re acting as a "gun doc". ASC tag or not. If you're taking a crack at fixing up your teammates' rifles for may put in the same effort, but you're not putting the same inherent commitment into it.

Once paid for your work, you assume some sort of responsibility for that work despite these things being tempermental toys. I've ALWAYS offered help for something that's broken down after the fact so that my customers are may not always be taken (waiting to hear back from Chad...), but that's just the way life goes.

This integrity has to be from the individual.

3. Competency
There is a world of difference between being compentent with a Kraken and Element parts...and knowing the in's and out's of "higher-end" AEGs. Same with "normal" AEGs vs. PTWs vs. GBB pistols/rifles vs. Spring guns vs. "classic" airsoft.

There's also wild differences between a "run-of-the-mill" M4 and a Scorpion, and a Barret, and a M60, and a RS AK vs. TM AK....etc.... I haven't even seen some AEGs/Airsoft guns...but I'm working on that

Being competent on a given make does not necessarily translate to "all" AEGs. From what I've've got to take what you've seen, figure out what/why things work and apply those priciples to what's in front of you on your bench.

4. Testing...LOL!
That'd be awesome...just for a laugh. You could mail each applicant a baggie of parts and have them reassemble an AEG (I've received an AEG in a baggie on more than one occasion)...or have them identify BB brands blindfolded by taste alone...HAHAHA. I'll pass on that, thank you though.

5. Communication
This is what I feel is most important. When someone comes to you for repairs/tune ups/builds/whatever...they're trusting your advice on what/how to best spend their hard earned money. In turn, a "gun doc" has the responsibility to communicate with the customer in terms and on levels where they are fully (or as fully as they care to be) informed. This sets an even level of expectations and helps things go smoothly. Common sense really...but it's often neglected.

Wish list...

If there is a "gun doc" moderated section...any Docs habitually posting L33t speak, non-sensible, half-sentence, mis-spelt, poorly formatted, incomplete replies should have their "tag"/whatever revoked or suspended. (long, run on, grammatically incorrect sentences for effect excluded, of course...).
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